Forecast for a Healthy Summer

June 08, 2017

It seemed like it would never come, but summer is here! When you rang in the New Year and made your list of resolutions, was exercising and getting in a healthier routine one of them? How have you done so far? If you’ve managed to make it through the winter months committed to your resolution, the warmer weather is the perfect time to step things up, and if you haven’t, well, there’s no better time than now to get started!


Get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Just being outside offers a whole host of scientifically proven health benefits including Vitamin D, which is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system.Getting enough sunlight has also been linked with the prevention of diabetes and heart disease.Being outside can even improve your eye health. All of the artificial light we’re exposed to indoors, including all our computers, tablets and phones, has been shown to have a negative impact on nearsightedness. Being outside in the natural light is so much better for you.


How’s your sleep been? A few consecutive days outside in the fresh air will have you sleeping more soundly. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and soak up some sunshine everyday! Of course don’t forget your block.


Get walking. The thought of exercising in can be daunting and even boring. But right outside the doors of Kendal on Hudson is the beautiful Hudson River and the Rockefeller State Preserve. Great backdrops for a walk and inspiration to help you get moving.


If you’re just getting started, take a stroll along the water. If you walk just 10 minutes in one direction and then back, chances are you’ll have walked a mile. Set out an adventurous plan for yourself this summer to explore all the trails along the Preserve. Make it fun and take in the beauty with friends and family. You’ll get in your exercise and create great memories without having to go very far.


When it rains … Of course it can’t be sunny everyday, but there’s always the Fitness Center or our group fitness classes to go to when skies are gray. Kathy, our head of fitness, can help you with a program specific to your goals and needs.


Simply get on the treadmill if walking is your thing, hop on a bike, get in some strength training or take a swim. Afterall, what is summer without swimming? Also be sure to check out the schedule of great education programs, lectures, and trips coming up.


Take advantage of these tips and the forecast is sure to be for a healthy summer!


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