Kendal on Hudson: Health and Wellness Committee

June 27, 2018
view of the buildings with health and wellness focus in a resident-driven lifestyle


“Kendal saved my life!” Gene, a Kendal on Hudson resident, proudly said.

Gene decided it was time to move to a retirement community when his wife first started showing signs of cognitive impairment. By recommendation from a good friend who has lived at Kendal on Hudson since it first opened, Gene moved with his wife to the community and now resides in independent living while his wife is closeby in the memory support unit called Sunnyside.

To be a voice for his wife, Gene decided to join the Health and Wellness Committee at Kendal on Hudson.

Health and Wellness Committee

As part of the resident-driven lifestyle at Kendal on Hudson, the Health and Wellness committee is involved with the health and wellness needs of residents in independent living, assisted living (The Adirondack), memory support (Sunnyside), and skilled nursing (Clearwater). The committee consists of about a dozen residents and provides fellow residents with health-related information.

They also support a program called the “Friendly Neighbors Program” which consists of volunteers who help their neighbors with simple chores such as shopping, grabbing their mail, or watering plants if the need for assistance arises. It also develops relationships between neighbors and getting to know them better.

The committee also invites healthcare staff and residents to discuss health care needs and concerns.

Moving Before Healthcare Needs Arise

When Gene realized that his wife was showing signs of cognitive impairment, he knew it was time to move on to a retirement community that could help him care for her.

“I probably waited too long,“ Gene said about making the decision to move. It was a little more challenging to move when his wife was starting to develop cognitive impairment. He continued to say that the maintenance of owning a home was starting to be too much.

“I wish I would have moved sooner so we could have enjoyed the benefits of a retirement community right away,” he said. “When you live here, you have a community of support.”

Gene went on to say that being a widow or widower and living on your own can be very lonely. He recommends if you are a widow to move into a retirement community and start socializing again and developing new friendships.

Why Kendal on Hudson?

Gene not only heard great things about Kendal on Hudson from his good friend of 50 years but from others as well. He decided to look into it and take a tour.

“The true test is when you move in and see what happens,” he said, ”Everyone, staff and residents, were very welcoming!”

He appreciates the Quaker orientation of the community and the way people treat each other. Kendal supports diversity, inclusiveness and independence and support the Values and Practices by remaining focused on healthy aging.

“Everyone treats one another with respect, staff and residents alike,” he said.

Gene is fond of the facilities available to him such as the fitness center which includes an indoor pool that can be enjoyed every season of the year. As part of the resident-driven lifestyle, all activities are planned by the residents. Besides the Health and Wellness Committee, there are other committees and groups with other areas of focus such as the Library Committee, the Co-Pilot Program, and Art Committee.

He also enjoys the food and the layout of the dining room. The Bistro offers three meals daily with a full menu. The Formal Dining Room is open for dinner where you can enjoy the same menu and have a wait staff.

“The evening meal is a time of togetherness,” Gene said.

The dining room is very inviting and residents like to meet there to socialize during dinner time.

“Living is very easy,” he said. Housekeeping and not having to worry about the chores of home maintenance is another aspect of Kendal that Gene enjoys.

His most favorite thing about Kendal on Hudson is that even though he lives in independent living and his wife is in the memory support unit, he is very close by and can visit her anytime he likes. The convenience of all levels of care being on one campus is very important to Gene and his wife.

Would you like to learn more about Kendal on Hudson? Visit us online or contact us by calling 866-358-5802.

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