Kendal on Hudson: Horticulture Committee

July 18, 2018
iris flowers planted by horticulture committee at kendal on hudson


Summer is in full swing and the flowers are loving every ray of sunshine and drop of rain! When you visit Kendal on Hudson, you’ll notice the beautiful landscaping with well-kept shrubbery and flowers. Believe it or not, the planting of the flowers, herbs, tomatoes, and some of the upkeep chores are done by residents of Kendal on Hudson, more specifically, the Horticulture Committee.

Annette, a Kendal on Hudson resident, has been a member of the Horticulture Committee for over ten years and enjoys being a part of what makes Kendal on Hudson beautiful.

The Horticulture Committee

Kendal on Hudson is a resident-driven retirement community. Resident-driven means that the residents direct the lifestyle by creating committees for activities, classes, lectures, and more! The residents build their own community and do the activities they like doing.

The Horticulture Committee is one of those few committees. With 15 members, the committee takes care of the landscaping throughout the community and an indoor garden at Clearwater (skilled nursing unit at Kendal on Hudson). They also care for the planters on the terrace that looks over the Hudson River. They run a lottery for a chance to have a planter on the terrace and the Horticulture Committee oversees it to be sure there are water and soil available for the plants. Even though the committee does not do the heavy work such as some of the planting and watering they do give advice and input on where to plant.

“A garden does not just take care of itself,” Annette said. “So while I would take my husband out, I would pinch something here and pinch something there and just got in the habit helping take care of the landscaping.”

All 15 members share the responsibility of taking care of the landscaping and gardens, while an outside company takes care of things such as lawn cutting, mulching, etc. Everyone loves the opportunity to continue their gardening hobby all the while playing a part of keeping Kendal on Hudson looking its best.

“For people who like to garden, it’s wonderful to have an opportunity around here to do so,” said Annette. “Gardening is nice exercise and it just makes you feel good! We even have some people here who like to weed gardens, which is very helpful for the community and therapeutic for the individual.”

Enjoy Retirement Sooner

As part of a resident-driven community, so many opportunities to continue hobbies such as gardening, learning something new, and doing fun activities are available as soon as you move in. Moving before health needs arise gives you a chance to enjoy these activities even longer!

“I feel like the timing was just right when my husband and I decided to move to Kendal,” Annette explained. “I would not have waited longer. People should not wait until they are in their 80s or 90s to move. They should give themselves a chance to enjoy what retirement has to offer.”

“I find that as you grow older and less physically agile, you start to feel isolated. It’s nice to be in a place where you can talk and interact with people all day,” Annette said. “You have a choice on whether or not to participate but there are so many activities to get into.”

Moving to Kendal on Hudson

When Annette and her husband decided it was time to move to a retirement community, they had found a community that they liked but was put on a waiting list. As their search continued, they noticed ads for Kendal on Hudson. Annette decided to give it a try and took a leap of faith without knowing a whole lot about Kendal on Hudson.

“I had heard really nice things about Kendals in other states,” Annette said. “They have a whole progression of care. You had independent living, and if you needed more help, they have assisted living. My husband was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, so he needed extra help right away. That was one of the main reasons why we moved here.”

Annette’s favorite attributes of Kendal on Hudson is the residents that live here.

“The people are very interesting,” Annette explained. “There’s a mix of personalities and people coming from different backgrounds. Everyone has interesting stories to tell.”

Want to learn more about Kendal on Hudson? We are happy to talk with you about our lifestyle and living options. You can contact us here or call 866-358-5802.

what is a resident-driven community?

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