The Must Eat Foods to Have Your Most Delicious Summer Yet

June 29, 2017

Summer is here! Did you know that by eating fruits and vegetables that are in season you can add extra nutritional value to your diet? When it’s fresh and in season it’s picked at the height of its nutrition. Not to mention it tastes better, and when you buy what’s in season you have the opportunity to save money and even help the environment by buying locally for a lower carbon footprint.

Eating seasonally means more variety. That variety helps you to break food habits and change up your food choices. Instead of eating the same foods over and over and getting the same nutrients, it’s a good idea to to try to switch things up each season.

Now is the the perfect time to be on the lookout for summer fruits and vegetables to add more of that variety to your diet! While seasonal fruits vary from region to region, these fruits and vegetables are your best go-to for the most delicious and nutritious variety that summer has to offer:


Fruits Vegetables
Apricots Beets
Blackberries Bell Peppers
Cantaloupe Corn
Cherries Eggplant
Figs Green Beans
Grapes Lettuce
Nectarines Radishes
Plums Squash
Peaches Sugar Snap Peas
Raspberries Tomatoes
Strawberries Zucchini


To find out what is freshest and in season closest to you, check out Sustainable Table’s Seasonal Food Guide. You can plug in your location and time of year, or if you’re wondering when a particular fruit or vegetable is in season near you, you can search by produce item. And while you’re browsing, grab some delicious recipe ideas to add more variety to your diet.
Once you have your shopping list together check out Local Harvest to search for farmers markets, farms and Community Supported Agriculture Programs near you, where you can load up on fresh produce and enjoy a delicious summer!

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