4 Advantages of Moving to a Retirement Community Sooner

September 05, 2018
enjoying life and dining with friends at a retirement community

What does your perception of “retirement community” look like? Is it keeping you from moving into a retirement community sooner?

The activeness and vibrancy of today’s baby boomers are changing the way we look at retirement communities. Gone are the days that we have to worry about losing our independence and being stuck in a drab room. Life Plan Communities (also known as continuing care retirement communities) provide an atmosphere full of respect, caring, and endless opportunities to experience your full potential.

So why should you move into a life plan community sooner rather than later? Here are 4 advantages to making the move as soon as possible.

Less Stress During the Move

While it may be hard to decide to leave your home, you will see the benefits of moving sooner rather than later. If you are still young, healthy and active, moving will be much easier and less stressful at this point in your life. It will be harder for you or your spouse to mentally adapt to a big life event of moving if either of you become ill and have to make a move right away. Taking the time now to research and take community tours will be beneficial for your retirement years.

Once you make a decision on a community that fits your lifestyle, you will most likely need to declutter and downsize. Performing this task while still early in your retirement years will give you the energy and time to downsize efficiently.

Once you have moved into a life plan community, you have the guarantee of having all of your future healthcare needs secured. If you or your spouse becomes ill or needs higher levels of care, you don’t have to move again as everything is all on one campus. If you wait to move until you need higher levels of care, it could possibly be difficult to be accepted into a community right away as you may have to be put on a waiting list.

Fewer Home Worries

Moving into a continuing care retirement community means less home maintenance for you. All mowing, snow shoveling, and landscaping are done by the community groundkeepers. All in home maintenance such as changing light bulbs or plumbing issues are all handled by the community as well. Most communities also provide a housekeeping service to take care of your house cleaning needs.

Home security is also another advantage of moving to a retirement community. If you want to travel, you don’t have to worry about your home while you are away. Your home will be looked after while you enjoy your travels.

Enjoy the Lifestyle of Retirement Living

Experience new opportunities at a life plan community. Most life plan community's lifestyle is directed by the residents. A resident-driven community allows the residents to schedule activities, classes and lectures, and social events and trips. There are many groups and committees within the resident-driven community that focuses on a subject such as gardening, traveling and trips, and art and music. This gives residents a chance to meet and socialize with new people who share a common interest.

This lifestyle provides the vibrancy and active living you can start enjoying as soon as possible.

Easy Access to Healthcare

Once you move into a life plan community, you are guaranteed continuing healthcare for life. If you should need higher levels of care such as assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care, all of these services are available to you without having to move as they are provided on the same campus.

Also, once you have moved in, you have access to the higher levels of care immediately. You will not have to be placed on a waitlist.

Kendal on Hudson is a Life Plan Community

Located on the banks of the Hudson River and a short distance away from New York City, Kendal on Hudson provides an active and inspiring environment for residents. The resident-directed lifestyle creates an environment that enables residents to build a stimulating community where healthy aging and wellness, lifelong learning and social opportunities are fostered.

Kendal on Hudson provides independent, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory support all on one campus. Our amenities include home maintenance, housekeeping, security and more. To learn more about Kendal on Hudson, contact us through our website or call 866-358-5802.

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