Why Young Boomers Should Consider Lifecare

February 07, 2018

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When you hear the words “retirement community,” what do you think of? You may think you will lose your independence, eat bland food for every meal, or even living in cold, impersonal surroundings.

These conceptions come from retirement communities of the past. Today’s retirement communities are evolving to accommodate the longer life expectancy and better health of today’s boomers—as well as their more active lifestyles.

Retirement Communities of Today

Baby boomers that are currently taking care of or have had to take care of their aging parents are more apt to plan ahead, so as not to burden their spouse, partner or children. But even though you don’t want to burden your family, you also don’t want to lose your freedom or social life. Fortunately, retirement communities of today have found ways to add more activities, amenities and social opportunities to facilitate their residents’ active, independent lifestyles.

A lot of retirement communities are now called life plan communities or continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). At a life plan community, you will move into independent living. If needed, assisted living and skilled nursing are all located on the same campus, so you do not have to move around or be placed on a waiting list if care is needed.

Independent living looks a lot like your current living situation. While you may move from a house to an apartment or condo in a life plan community setup, you’ll still be living your life as usual—just more conveniently. You can do the same things you do now, like run your own errands, work on your hobbies or invite guests and family to your home. But unlike at your current home, maintenance is covered by the community so you will not need to worry about home repairs, mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. In most communities, if you do not feel like cooking, there is an on-site chef that prepares meals in a dining hall where you can also socialize with friends, neighbors and guests.

Of course, it’s not just an increase in convenience. There are also life-enriching amenities and services offered at life plan communities. Many communities offer things like an art room, theatre or lifelong learning classes. There might also be a fitness center with personal trainers and wellness classes to help bolster your physical health.

Why Should I Move Now?

Despite all of the advantages of life plan communities, you are probably thinking “I am in good health, why should I make the move now?” It’s because of your good health that you should consider moving sooner. If your health starts to decline, it will be much harder to for you to move. If you establish yourself in a life plan community as soon as possible, assisted living and skilled nursing will already be there in case you would need them.

Another reason to move sooner is once you are settled in your new home,  your children and your family will have peace of mind that you are safe and being cared for. Role reversal can put a strain on your relationship with family. With the extra levels of care available, you will not have to be dependent on your family to take care of you if your health declines.

If you are widowed or living alone, independent living will help you meet new people and establish new friendships. Most life plan communities offer activities and social events to give you an opportunity to try new things and meet other residents. Boredom will be a thing of the past!

Kendal on Hudson Lifestyle

Kendal on Hudson is a life plan community and actively seeks to enhance the quality of life and independence of its residents. Kendal offers multiple floor plans, from studio apartments to 2 bedrooms. All apartments feature full kitchens and most have a balcony or patio to enjoy the river views. Kendal on Hudson also has assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care on site if it is ever needed. Kendal offers an extensive array of services and amenities to their residents.

As they say, you’re only as young as you feel! Even as a young boomer, retirement communities can still offer you all of the activities you enjoy and more. There are many opportunities to have fun but also be prepared at the same time.

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