Take the Grandkids Out to the Ball Game!

August 01, 2018
get your baseball glove and some peanuts and be ready for a baseball game with your grandkids


It’s an exciting time to have your grandkids come to visit you. If they are staying for a few days, you will want to plan something fun to do with them and make memories. Living in the Hudson Valley, there are no shortages of things to do. During the summer, taking the kids to the ballpark to see a minor or major league team play is a memory they will treasure for a lifetime, especially if it’s their first game!

Baseball is known as “America’s Favorite Pastime” (although some would argue it is football). Even though a baseball game can be enjoyed by watching it live on television, nothing beats being there in person. There are great baseball teams (minor and major league) in the Hudson Valley to enjoy. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your grandkids to sports and explain to them how the game is played.

Tips for Taking Kids to the Ballpark

We know as parents and grandparents that taking small children anywhere an be an adventure in of itself. It’s always a great idea to prepare before a day at the ballpark.

Book tickets early.

If you know when the kids will be visiting, be sure to purchase your tickets early online or at pre-sale locations. The benefit of doing this is you may be able to select your seats. If this is the case, aisle seats work best in case of restroom breaks and snack runs. Booking your tickets early also gives easier access into the ballpark.

Plan parking and/or public transportation.

Have a plan on how you are going to get to the park. Namely, where are you going to park and are you going to need public transportation from your parking area to the ballpark? Some ballparks offer pre-paid parking so you will have your parking already paid for and know that a spot is reserved for you.

Research the ballparks rules and policies.

Be sure to review the ballpark’s rules and regulations before going to the game. You may want to bring a small bag with goodies to keep your grandkids entertained (in case you find they aren’t into baseball), snacks, and any other essentials they will need.

Some parks have a bag size regulation and may also require the bag to be see-through or clear for security purposes. They may allow you to bring outside snacks and water but have set rules on what you can carry. You may also want to bring a stroller or infant carrier for small kids if these items are allowed.

Bring cash.

Be sure to bring cash on the trip as some parking areas only accept cash. The attendants selling beverages and snacks in the seating areas usually only accept cash. The vendors in the stadium (snacks, souvenirs, etc.) typically accept cash and card.  

If it’s their first game, build up the excitement!

Some kids may be unsure about a baseball game, especially if it’s their first game, and they don’t know what to expect. Share with them the history of baseball, stories of games that you have been to, tell them about the mascot (if the team has one), and how exciting it’s going to be to see a game in person.

Leave the game early.

Unless the score of the game is close in score, leave the game early. This will ease the stress and hassle of getting out of the ballpark when everyone else is leaving too. This will help get through traffic a lot sooner, as well.

Hudson Valley Baseball Teams

There are great minor and major league baseball teams in and around the Hudson Valley. The four teams that we are sharing are close to Kendal on Hudson!

Hudson Valley Renegades - Minor League

The Hudson Valley Renegades are a minor league team and play at the Dutchess Stadium in Wappingers Falls, New York. You can check out their promotion schedule to see if they have any promotions or events that could be fun for your grandkids such as giveaways and meet-and-greets with the team.

Rockland Boulders - Minor League

Across the Hudson River is another minor league team, The Rockland Boulders. Their home stadium is the Palisades Credit Union Park located in Pomona, New York. The park has special offerings such as Fireworks Nights and a special promotions schedule.

New York Yankees

As you probably already know, the New York Yankees play in the major leagues. They’re known as one of the most successful sports clubs in the world. In fact, 44 players and 11 Yankee managers have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame including Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle.

Yankee Stadium is the home field for the New York Yankees and is located in Bronx, New York. The stadium also includes a promotion schedule for giveaways and fun events for kids.

New York Mets

Another major league team is nearby—The New York Mets. They play at Citi Field located in the New York City borough of Queens. The Mets Hall of Fame and Museum is located at Citi Field as well featuring artifacts, interactive kiosks, and highlight videos. They hold Family Sundays with the Mets which includes giveaways and a chance for kids 12 and under to run the bases with their mascot, Mr. Met!

Hudson Valley Adventures

Of course, if your grandkids aren’t interested in sports, let alone seeing a game, there are plenty of other options in the Hudson Valley to make memories. Our blog, 5 Fun Summer Attractions in the Hudson Valley, lists more things to do that you and your family can enjoy.

At Kendal on Hudson, residents’ families are welcome to stay and visit. Our independent living options are spacious and can accommodate your visiting relatives. They also can dine with you in The Bistro and Formal Dining Room and can even visit the library and check out books.

To learn more about Kendal on Hudson, contact us online or call 866-358-5802.

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